It was my wife who found The World of Prophecy in 1995 and urged me to start participating. We had always been believers but were not big on going to church because it didn’t feed our spiritual needs. Our faith manifested itself through discussing Bible passages together and reading with a resolve to understand the Word.


I was a little leery of the WOP site because it was mostly about Maitreya and Benjamin Crème and I was on guard out of fear of being ensnarled by cults or self-avowed prophets. As I began reading Eastwood’s writings it soon became evident to me this was a very honest and sincere man with deep roots in biblical teachings. His writings were inspiring and well-crafted. He told of the Georgia Guidestones and the Atlanta conference he attended where Benjamin Crème spoke about Maitreya coming to save the world. Eastwood testified that Crème’s face had an eerie glow as he spoke about the new age prophet who would restore order and bring peace to the world. These boastful claims led suspicions by many that this might be the Anti-Christ unveiling himself. And of course it didn’t come as a shock that Maitreya was just another false teacher, if he exists at all.


At this point, chat rooms were the rage and became social phenomena using a new form of communication. So Eastwood turned WOP into a place where believers could have a free exchange of ideas and participate in Bible study together. It didn’t take long for “anarchists” and Anti-Christians to discover what was being built and it apparently scared them. Time after time debates would turn into vicious disputes with overt anger over the interpretation of scripture and prophecy.


There was also great paranoia over the government monitoring the site as the lunatic fringe started to spread throughout the internet. It was just Eastwood and Hardcore who took on the moderator duties which must have been a time consuming and daunting task. It was their insight and dedication that formed the very essence of the board; successfully turning WOP into a virtual church where believers could grow together in pursuit of knowledge in The Word.


The concern over “Big Brother” watching and the desire for anonymity led old skoolers to take on knick-names on the board. East started the tradition by using Eastwood as his alias. I asked him one time how he came by that name, and he confessed his love for Westerns and that he was an avid fan of Clint Eastwood cowboy flicks. East has been blessed as a communicator with great insight and clarity. He is a word-smith when conveying his belief in God and Jesus Our Savior.


Over the years, East and I would bond over posts; he would chastise me for rambling on topics and called me on some of my libertarian ways. I felt like he sensed a seething anger that existed in me and was willing to share ways to overcome useless emotions.


East and Hardcore were a great source of comfort when I went through a life-changing divorce which left me devastated. I was so out of whack that I basically became a wandering pilgrim with no sense of direction. I’ll never forget the kindness and the hand of friendship East offered me during this difficult time. He opened his home to me and gave me great hope and inspiration as I drove off to a new life. I will never forget the fellowship or the feeling that I had known East all my life when we first met. He is an honorable man with a very calm demeanor with the spirit of the Lord inside him. Despite all his talents and accomplishments, East remains a very humble man who is constantly vigilant and poised to do the bidding of Our Lord. The World of Prophecy was created by a man with the hand of the Lord upon him and serves as a home for believers to grow in the Word and Wisdom of Our Lord, and to Praise Jesus Christ as the Messiah.