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Essentials and Non-essentials

Divisions abound between many good and Godly Christians and Christian denominations. Often these are the result of the pettiest concerns, like the color of the church carpet or type of church music, but often, too, divisions are the result of well-meaning brothers grappling over doctrine or theology. What divisions are good? When are they wrong? How should we measure and decide? All good questions we will seek to answer.

The church has had theological battles since Christ ascended into Heaven! Seriously! Acts 11:2 begins the description of Peter being taken to task for ministering to Gentiles. Acts 15:4-12 relates another debate in Jerusalem. Another easily identifiable debate where faith and works are juxtaposed is seen in James 2:14ff where James declares true faith should produce good works.  (continued at link above)

Hermeneutic...  What is it and why is it important?

A brief definition, as gleaned from ‘’ states: The theory and methodology of interpretation, especially of scriptural text.

The term and application can be applied to many other disciplines such as philosophy, textual criticism of ancient literature to even how we understand humor...  For this little snippet, we’ll look at how it applies to Bible study.

For us, as a group who enjoy especially looking at prophecy and admittedly difficult passages, our hermeneutic (methodology of study) becomes even more important. 

Typically, all of Scriptural study is affected by one’s set of rules for understanding Scripture...

Here are the five basic ones and then I’ll explain a little more of each...  (continued at link above)