Some of our favorite websites!

The broad nature of the study of prophecy and current events involves several intersecting disciplines, including, but not limited to Scripture, current events, apostacy and the observations of others.  Our Resources section has numerous pages of links.  This page is dedicated primarily to websites that fall into several major categories as well as threads in our forum that are rich in related links.

NOTICE!!  Our forum has threads stickied to the top of several sections filled with links!!   Be sure to visit especially, the 'Conspiratorium.'


Apostacy and Discernment

    Apostacy Alert  :  Amos 8:11 - "Behold, the days are coming," says the Lord God, "That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord."

     Lighthouse Trails Research Project  :  Mainly Contemplative/Emergent Spirituality Exposť on false doctrine.  Excellent website.  Highly recommend.

    Understanding the Times, by Roger Oakland

    The Cutting Edge Ministry  :  Membership required for some articles.  Excellent Masonic and occult expose.

    Cephas Discernment Ministry  :  This is a Clearinghouse Library for loads of Discernment articles from various sources on all kinds of topics affecting the Church.  They have a disclaimer which states they do not always agree with all views presented, they are simply a library.  Scroll down a little till you see the Index of subjects covered.

    Let Us Reason Ministries  :  Wide range of exposť articles.

    Deceptions in the Church :  Many articles on various topics on this page.

    Eastern Regional Watch  :  Huge list of articles exposing the church growth movement.  Many other topics covered.  See bar at top of their page.


Alternate News Sources

    Raiders News Network  : 

    Prison Planet  :  Primarily collects news stories related to the coming global martial law. 

    Coast to Coast  :  Pursuing and reporting all info, mild to wild, as relates to ETs and UFOs...   

    The Resistance Manifesto  :  Many videos, articles, audios and links. 


Webradio and Audio Discussions

    Future Quake :  Dr. Future and his trusty sidekick, Tom Bionic, investigate"tomorrow's tremors" as they and their audience experience a 'Future Quake.'  Excellent archive of several year's worth of interviews and discussions on a load of terrific relevant topics.  Enjoy!


NWO Watch Blogs 

    Constance Cumbey  :  Excellent blog.  Especially observant of Javier Solana and the EU.

    A Time, Times, and a Half a Time  :  Blog the keeps close tabs on the Alliance of Civilizations.  Must read if you are not familiar with this evil organization.  


NWO Symbolism 

    In YOUR face!!!  :  Illuminati symbolism in the public square! 



WoP Threads with a multitude of links :

    Must see thread!  :  Links relating to weather control, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Project Blue Beam, Freemasonry, New Age & the Illuminati, Merovingian bloodlines, etc....